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So it started off rather amazingly – with The MTA being named as The Stage School of the Year for the 2nd year.


Time to put on my ‘arranger’s hat’ on again, for The MTA’s annual revue. As ever a challenge…and as ever one that I’ll be determined to overcome.  It’s like my annual musician’s marathon arranging this beast, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  All nighters underway – and the show is shaping up to be something special. Book now


Something Old Something New A6 Postcard_2017_NO-BOOKING-DETAILS

Thanks to the ever reliable and inventive Dan Evans – I can finally reveal the new look artwork for Dangerous Daughters:

Dangerous Daughters A6 Postcard-Email

Directed by Racky Plews, and to be performed by the current 1st years at The MTA – I’m straight onto the final rewrites for this once SOSN is over.

Then it’s time to start work on my latest panto (due to be performed at BGAC this December), whilst simultaneously starting work on the 2018 musical for The MTA with Nick Stimson. Whilst we can’t reveal the title yet…tis fair to say that as ever, it’s completely different to our previous shows.

So . . . another dull, quiet year then 😉



2016. . . The Summary

The biggest news of all is . . . welcome to my new website!

2016 has been completely manic, between running The MTA, writing, arranging and MD’ing’ shows (both old and new), and running the #time4change Mental Health campaign.

To summarise though, I wrote one new panto (Robinson Crusoe) – which plays at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in December, worked up a couple of songs for The Greater Game, which played down at the Southwark Playhouse, arranged the annual SOSN (that’ll be just the 27 numbers all re-arranged for a cast of 40 and a 6 piece band), completely rearranged Around the World in 80 Days, for a steampunk revival, which was a co-production between The MTA and the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton.  Finally got around to recording the backing tracks for the show (which are now available to hire for productions). . . and in between kept up my cabaret life with several visits down to West End Wendies.

Rather excitingly Samuel French have agreed to publish Dangerous Daughters – which we’re currently re-writing in anticipation for it’s next outing which will be in September 2017 under the watchful eye of multi award winning director Racky Plews.

Christmas will be spent starting the arrangements for SOSN 2017.

As an act of utter procrastination I’ve also started my own blog, which allows me the occasional platform to muse about life and the universe. Please do drop buy and check it out.

See also my new ‘shop’ page – full of musical goodies such as audition songs, backing tracks, and note bash tracks.